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We are bunch of pilots, managers, artists, a beautiful accountant and a psychologist with a lot of experience in Cabin Crew Training.

If YOU are just curious about flying, or dreaming of a pilot career, or, terrified of flying, or maybe a pilot getting ready for a job assessment, then you are in the right place!

We have nearly 20.000 hours commercial airline flying hours and a lot of experience in airline crew training.  We will tailor our expertise according to your needs and we promise

an inspiring Flight eXperience!

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Cristian MANDU

Flight X co-founder and Project Manager, Captain A320, CRM Instructor, Musician
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    Valentin MIHAILESCU

    Flight X co-founder and Quality Manager, Captain A320, Ground Instructor
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    Vlad NOGHI

    Flight X co-founder and Documentation and User Experience Manager, First Officer A320

    Marius PETRIMAN

    Flight X co-founder and Administrator, ex-First Officer B737, Paraglider Pilot, IT security consultant, Musician
    Levente moaca

      Levente MATYAS

      Flight X co-founder and Development Manager, Private Pilot
      emilia moaca2

        Emilia RUSU

        Accounting and Legal Department
        ovi moaca

          Ovidiu DAMIAN Phd.

          Psychologist, ex-A320 Cabin Crew Instructor, Human Factor Specialist, Fear-of Flight Course Associate

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