Have you ever wondered what happens in the cockpit during flight? If so, you are welcome in our Airbus A320 simulator, a medium-haul airplane, at about 65 tons! You will choose the city you take off in, and you will land the plane too!

Of course, during the whole session, you will be accompanied by an instructor who will explain all the theoretical aspects necessary to an enjoyable experience. General aspects of the aircraft, its maneuvering, as well as all the techniques required for every phase of flight: takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach and landing. You do not need any prior knowledge of aviation, we are only looking for enthusiasm and willingness to learn and have fun!

We have prepared some scenarios which you may want to try in our simulator:


At the end of this session you will be able to do a traffic pattern, proof that you can take off alone and bring an aircraft safely back on the ground!



Dubai, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, the choice is yours. Take off, engage the autopilot and relax in your chair with a scenery that many can only dream of!



Cluj – Tîrgu Mureș, Sibiu, București or Timișoara. We will teach you all the necessary steps, from starting the airplane to parking and unloading the passengers.


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Feeling brave today? Come check out how pilots remain calm during the most diverse situations: depressurizations, engine failures, TCAS and many others.

Do you want to try something specific that we haven’t covered here? Tell our instructors and they will set up the scenario exactly as you wish. The only limit here is your imagination! Also, we know that having fun is all the better when we are surrounded by our loved ones, so a group of people can share the simulator costs, within time and seating limits.

These prices are valid only for entertainment sessions, for the current pilot training offer visit our dedicated website section, or send a request in the contact form.

... or maybe you want to offer an unconventional gift to someone


"It's been one of the most amazing, thrilling (goosebumps thrilling) experiences for me. If you're passionate about aviation or flying in general, you really can't go wrong with this."