Do I have to have flight experience before I participate in a simulator session?

No, since you will be accompanied by an instructor who will explain all the theoretical aspects necessary to an enjoyable experience.

Will I be accompanied during the simulator session?

Yes, you will be accompanied during the whole session by an instructor who will explain all the theoretical aspects necessary to an enjoyable experience.

What will I do during the simulator session?

Please read our “SMART ENTERTAINMENT” section of the website for more details regarding entertainment sessions.

How do I book a simulator experience?

All appointments are done through the “Appointments” section of our website.

How can I pay for the simulator session?

We are offering two methods of payment to our customers:

  • ONLINE, when booking your slots on our dedicated platform. The appointment is confirmed immediately and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  • BANK TRANSFER, when booking your slots via e-mail.

Why is it that I cannot book a simulator session in the far future?

In order to avoid unpleasant situations such as rescheduling appointments we configured the booking platform not to accept appointments more than 30 days in advance. If you would like to book for later, please return to the booking platform no later than 30 days before the desired date.

Can I offer someone a simulator experience as a gift?

Yes! We promise it is one of the best gifts you can offer to anyone. Visit the “Gift cards” section of our website.

What is the validity period of a gift card?

Our gift cards are valid for 45 days after purchase. However, if the beneficiary fails to schedule the package during this period, we may extend the validity for a reasonable period of time.

I have a gift card, how can I claim the simulator session?

Please visit the “Appointments” section of our website and enter the gift card code in the “Your Information” section, by clicking “Redeem Coupon”.

Can I come with anyone else in the simulator?

Yes, you may invite other persons to accompany you during the simulator session, with the condition that they are at least 5 years of age. Still, please remember that in order to receive unrestricted access to the simulator controls, a person has to be at least 10 years of age.

Do you recommend a simulator session if I have fear of flight?

Actually, fear of flight is the fear of not being in control of what is happening; thing which we will practice together!

Where is the simulator located?

Our headquarters are in Aleea Profesor Valeriu Bologa 3, Bloc 2, Spațiu comercial 5, Cluj-Napoca 400436, Cluj, România.