Fancy yourself sitting in the most confortable seat of an airplane. No, it's not near the overwing exit.

RON18930 minutes
  • Some say it's only the airline pilots that can fly a big jet. How about we prove them wrong?
  • Enjoy an inspiring Flight eXperience!

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Aaron Diehl - Jazz pianist

"It's much like playing jazz, flying. It's multitasking in real time. You have a number of instruments that alone won't tell you exactly what the airplane is doing but together give you a picture of everything that's going on."

A training tool created by pilots, for pilots

Scott Kelly - Pilot, Astronaut (one year in Space)

"I went to the University of Maryland for a year and was considering maybe, you know, being a medical doctor but decided my other interest was maybe flying airplanes in the Navy and just kind of changed my mind and changed schools and changed majors and decided to focus a hundred percent on that."



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