The purpose of this course is to present you the major operational differences when transitioning to MEJ airplanes and make you comfortable flying basic maneuvers and approaches, raw data, manual flying, up to the standards required by airlines during simulator assessments. Our fixed-base simulator is highly realistic in terms of Flight Modeling and Pitch & Power settings. We have achieved that in direct cooperation with the software and hardware designers, therefore every detail is in accordance with our expertise and strict requirements. This course is delivered by experienced Airbus A320 type-rated pilots and takes place at our venue in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Our customers airline assessment pass rate is 95%.



  1. Briefing package for home study on Fly-by-wire concepts, display indications and general cockpit presentation.
  2. One hour briefing:
    • Pitch and Power settings
    • Normal take-off
    • Initial climb (NADP and clean-up)
    • Level off
    • Basic maneuvers (climb, descent, turns, steep turns)
    • Interception of the ILS
    • Landing and go-around
  3. Three hours simulator – application of the briefed items
  4. Half an hour debriefing

Our experience shows that this course is very intense and you will receive a lot of new information in a short period of time. Most of our customers say they needed at least 24 hours to process all the information after this course, and were asking for an additional two hours consolidation training session in the following days. Simply book online any available simulator entertainment slots and use this time for practice.


PRICE: RON 2.800 (VAT included)

To book this course or inquire more information, please contact us using the form below. Thank you!