The aim of the session is to give you confidence flying basic maneuvers and ILS approaches using raw data and no automation (AP OFF, FDs OFF, Bird OFF, A/THR OFF). Our simulator is highly realistic in terms in Flight Modeling and Pitch & Power settings. We have achieved that in direct cooperation with the software and hardware designers, therefore every detail is in accordance with our expertise and strict requirements. With this level of simulation fidelity you will understand the magic of Fly-by-wire, learn the target parameters to accurately fly basic maneuvers and apply them later in any Full Flight Simulator and/or real aircraft. Regardless of your experience level on conventional airplanes, you must understand how to not to overcontrol the sidestick.



  1. Briefing package for home study on Fly-by-wire concepts, display indications and general cockpit presentation.
  2. One hour briefing:
    • Pitch and Power settings
    • Normal take-off
    • Initial climb (NADP and clean-up)
    • Level off
    • Basic maneuvers (climb, descent, turns, steep turns)
    • Interception of the ILS
    • Landing and go-around
  3. Two hours simulator – application of the briefed items
  4. Half an hour debriefing

This is the course structure that we recommend, but it is important to note that the client may choose any training syllabus that can improve his skills, during an interval of at most 4 hours. Also, one has the freedom to choose any instructor he wants, even one that is not among those we recommend.


DRY-LEASE SIMULATOR PRICE: RON 1.600 (VAT included, does not include instructor cost)

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