TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE of www.FlightX.ro website

The website www.flightx.ro (hereinafter referred to as the “site”) is maintained and managed by SC FLIGHT EXPERIENCE SRL (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). The access and the use of the site are allowed under the authority of the Terms and Conditions established hereinafter. The access and the use of the site are subject to the authority of such rules, under the terms and conditions below. The use of the site, the login and the access to the services, require the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the resulting consequences. If the user does not consent, without any limitations or qualifications, to these Terms and Conditions, the user must not use the site in any form whatsoever.

  1. ACCESS:

The use of this site is allowed for the sole purpose of getting information. Any use for other purposes shall not be allowed. In order to obtain access to the site and to the services and information made available herein, you must gain access to World Wide Web, directly or by means of other devices that can access Internet services, paying any related fee. Furthermore, you must have available all the equipment necessary to connect to the World Wide Web, including a computer and a modem or any other access equipment. The company declines any responsibility for the security of this site or of your communication line. The term “user” of the site shall mean any individual or legal entity that will access the site. After filling in the registration form, the user will be given an account for the use of services.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to keep the confidentiality over the password associated to the access at the services of the site, which is mandatory at login. In order to create an account, real and complete information must be provided. If certain data about you are incomplete, please inform us as soon as possible. In your capacity as registered user, you are the sole responsible for the activity of your account and you must ensure access security (username and password); if the security of your account is breached or the account is used in an unauthorized manner by another person, you have the obligation to immediately inform the site administrator. Each user is responsible for the damages caused to the site and to other registered users or visitors of the site, by its unauthorized use.

The user is entirely liable for all the information made public in its account. In case of unauthorized access of the account by third persons, the Company declines any responsibility for the consequences that may arise. The users’ identity will not be disclosed if the information posted might put them in danger. The users agree not to lend the password to another user, for their own protection and for the validity of sent information. They also agree not to use the password of another member in order to post messages. The site uses “cookies” to identify users. The cookies do not contain any type of personal data of the user and do not present any risk if intercepted by third parties. If the browser settings do not allow cookies, certain pages cannot be loaded, entirely or partially.

The company is not responsible for attacks having as purpose theft or vandalism or for actions that might lead to the disclosure or breach of the data. The site allows the publication of video/image/text materials or other materials, as well as the hosting and sharing such materials, but the Company does not guarantee the confidentiality of the materials sent by users.

The user is the only responsible for the materials published in its account and is also responsible for the consequences of the dissemination theeof. The company declines any responsibility and will not be held accountable for the damages caused by the use under any form of the services purchased through this site. The site and related materials are used “as such” and “as available” without guarantees of any kind. The company does not offer any guarantee, either express or implied regarding, but without being limited to, the operation of this site, the information, contents and materials on the site, as well as their suitability for a certain purpose. The users expressly agree that the use of this site and the purchase of services are made on their own risk. The company does not guarantee that this site, its servers and sent e-mails are virus-free and do not contain other damaging elements. If the users of the site upload in their account certain materials which do not correspond to their profile, the Company reserves the right to consider these materials non-confidential and royalty-free. Such materials become the ownership of the Company; will be free of any claims of any party or group, being alowed to be used by the Company for any purpose free of any charge.

The company can deny access to users that do not have a subscription; it can also cancel accounts of registered users and can remove materials that breach the terms of use, at a any moment, without prior notice. In the case of users who have a section on the site, assigned by subscription, the Company has the right to:

– notify each user in breach of the site terms and conditions of use, granting a 10–day grace period, during which the user has the right to remove from his account all the information and/or inappropriate/unsolicited materials.

– if after the expiry of the 10-day term, the notified user failed to comply, the Company has the right to deny access to the user and to cancel the account.

The Company does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by users. The company declines responsibility for any:

– errors, mistakes, inaccuracy of contents

– unauthorized access or use of secure servers (own or rented), of personal data or of the information stored thereon

– temporary or permanent disconnection of data transmitted to and from the site

– viruses, Trojans, etc. which can be sent to or from the site, by means of a third party, and/or any other error or omission of contents or any other loss of any nature, occurred as a consequence of the use of a published content, transmitted by e-mail or otherwise made available by the site;

The company is not liable for the relationship between you and a third party offering services. The company reserves the right, without any other notification to the unsubscribed user, to set the maximum space that will be made available to the user on the site in order to limit the size of materials published or stored on the site; as a consequence, the Company can delete without prior notice, the materials published by unsubscribed on their page on the site and the Company will not be held liable towards third parties or users concerning this decision. The site allows posting of advertisements and/or links to pages belonging to third parties, including partners, providers of other services or sponsors. The information provided to external pages is not under the control of the Company and the posting of personal data on other Internet pages is at the user’s own risk.


The copyright of the site exclusively belongs to the Company, as an initiative entity, under the responsibility and under the name of which this type of product has been created. The entire contents of the site – images, text, graphics, symbols, Web graphic elements, scripts, programmes and other data – is the exclusive property of the Company, according to the applicable law on copyright and the legal terms on intellectual and industrial property. No material from this site can be partially or entirely reproduced or modified without the express written consent of the Company.

The use without the consent of the Company, of any of the elements listed above is sanctioned according to the applicable legislation. The Company allows free access to the site and authorizes you to read, print and transmit the information existing on the site only for personal non-commercial purposes. It is not allwed to create links with the site for other sites and vice-versa, without a prior written agreement. Should this occur without the written consent of the Company, the latter declines all responsibility for all other sites connected to this site, as well as for the materials posted on this site by other persons than the persons authorized by the Company, and the Company reserves the right to request the sanctioning according to the applicable law of any such action. If the users send various materials in order to be posted on the site (photos, images, video, text, etc.), whether are requested or not in the sections of the site, the Company reserves the right to decide if, when, in what circumstances and where the respective materials will be made public. Such materials become the property of the Company; will be free of any claims of any party or group, being able to be used for any purpose by the Company, free of charge. Reproduction, copying, multiplication, sale, resale and use of a part of the services, the access to and use of the services and information made available by the Company by means of the site in a manner that violates the Romanian or international law on copyright and intellectual property, entails civil and criminal liability. If any material made available on the site, posted by third parties or users, is considered to violate the copyright or any other rights, this shall be notified to: contact@flightx.ro.


The Company or third parties can provide, in an authorized manner, by means of the site, links (“links”) to other pages or resources on the World Wide Web. The Company does not guarantee, is not and cannot be held liable in any way for the availability of thereof, the form, contents, publicity, products or materials available on the respective sites. The Company will not be held liable and will not pay any indemnification, directly or indirectly, for any damage or losses caused or alleged to have been caused by/in connection to the use or trustworthiness of the information, contents, goods or services made available by the respective sites. The Company reserves the right to prevent by any means and to request the sanctioning according to the applicable law, of the persons involved in the destruction or alteration of the site, of the contents or security thereof or for the attempt to attack or discredit the Company or its Partners, the products, services and employees. Any litigation arising in connection with this site shall be settled by the common law courts in Romania.

The following actions are not allowed without the written consent of the Company:

– copying, multiplication, distribution, archiving or storage, by any means, including electronic, magnetic and computerized media, of the materials and information existing on this site;

– attempt to interfere, by any means, in the contents of this site, deletion or modification by any means of published materials and information, or attempt to take action to this end;

– attempt to scan, skim or test the vulnerability of any system from the network of the Company or access of any non-public servers or services from the Network of the Company, without authorization;

– attempt to interfere in the functioning of hosting servers or in the network of the Company by any means, including the attack thereof by “flooding” or “DOS”.

– the use of any e-mail addresses published on the site for their distribution on mailing lists or in order to send commercial e-mails (“spamming”) or for any other purpose other than sending personal e-mails, without the written consent of the owners of such addresses.

Violation of any such rules entails civil or criminal liability. The Company will investigate any act involving such breaches, offering full support to the authorities in order to prevent and stop such violations. The site may publish advertisements and/or links to pages belonging to third parties, including partners, providers of advertising services or sponsors. The information provided on external pages is not under the control of the Company and the publication of personal data on other Internet pages is on the user’s own risk.


The Company reserves the right to modify or to interrupt, temporary or permanently, partially or totally, the services made available by the site, with or without a prior notice. The Company shall not be held liable before the users, any third party individual or legal entity, for the modification, disconnection or interruption of services available through the site. The Company can change at any moment the site contents and terms of use. The new conditions will be valid when made public by posting on the site and do not apply retroactively.


By accepting to use this site, you expressly and implicitly understanding that you agree that the use of this site is on your own responsibility. For the sections of the site that can contain visitor’s opinions, the responsibility over the contents of these opinions belongs entirely to their authors. The company reserves the right to remove from the site those opinions which are contrary to the terms and conditions of use of the site or it deems harmful, in any form, to its image or to the image of its partners and third parties. This site is offered as is and without warranties.

Company offers no guarantee that:

– Information will fulfill all your requirements

– Services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free,

– The results may be obtained from the use of the site’s information will be accurate or reliable,

– The quality of any services, information or other material purchased or obtained by you through the Site will meet your requirements

– Program errors will be corrected.

The user is solely liable for potential damages caused to computer systems or networks on which that access the site or for any other data loss, which could be the result of downloading information and services from the site. No advice or any other oral or written information, obtained from the site or through the services hereof, shall be deemed as a guarantee, unless expressly provided in the Terms and Conditions of use.

The Company will not be held responsible for any type of direct, indirect, accidental, special damages, including, but not limited to, damages for profit losses, goodwill, the possibility of use, data or any other intangible or unquantifiable losses (even if the Company has been previously informed by the possibility of the appearance of such losses), resulting from:

– The use or inability to use site information;

– Cost of buying additional services resulting from any data, information or services purchased or obtained, received messages, transactions started by / from the site;

– Unauthorized access or damage the user’s transmissions or data;

– Declarations or actions of any third party on site services;

– Any other problem related to site services.

Company is not and can not be responsible for mismatches, unavailability or other defects of the site or content.


According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, modified and supplemented and the Law. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and privacy protection in electronic communications sector, SC FLIGHT EXPERIENCE SRL has the obligation to manage under safety conditions, and for the exclusive purposes specified above, your personal data provided to us, data concerning a member of your family or any other person. Your refusal to provide this data makes it impossible to contact you for different events. The information registered is intended for the use by the operator.

According to Law no. 677/2001, you have the right to access and modify the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to appeal to justice. You also have the right to oppose the processing your personal data and to request the erasing thereof. To benefit from these rights you can address a written request, dated and signed, to SC FLIGHT EXPERIENCE SRL, Aleea Valeriu Bologa 3, VivaCity, Bloc 2, Parter, Cluj-Napoca, CJ, 400436, Romania, or by e-mail to contact@flightx.ro.

If some of your personal data is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible. Categories of data are processed by the Company name, phone / fax, address (home / residence), education / degrees / education, email, picture and voice. Processed data will be stored in computerized databases.

The company reserves the right to amend, revise and supplement these rules at any time. Any changes will be made public on the site and will become effective as of their posting on the site.